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Entertainment in Arunachal Pradesh


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Entertainment in Arunachal Pradesh

The beautiful state of Arunachal Pradesh has many entertainment options which are unique and particular to the state. People of Arunachal Pradesh are simple ones. They lead a simple life and therefore entertainment to them is watching theatre, engaging in dance and music, engaging in sports and games and sightseeing. There may not be big malls, pubs and discos in Arunachal, but people have their unique way of entertainment. Let us know more about entertainment in Arunachal.

Theater in Arunachal

Entertainment in Arunachal

Theater and dramas are a major source of entertainment for the people of Arunachal Pradesh. When the rest of the country has taken lesser interest in theatre, this state of Arunachal Pradesh has still kept intact the interest of watching theatre. One of the renowned theatres in the form of dance dramas is Ka Fifai where artists depict dramas based on many religious, mythological and agricultural ideas. The theatres are known for dance and music and combine different styles.

Dance & Music in Arunachal Pradesh


The people of Arunachal Pradesh take pride in their colourful dance and music. One can see the people of the state being entertained by their dance and music, which forms an integral part of the lives of the people. People here don't need any time to enjoy dance and music as it can be enjoyed at any time and any day. Dance and music are one of the most important aspects of Arunachal culture and entertainment. There are different dance and music forms prevalent in Arunachal Pradesh. The dance forms are ritual in nature though they celebrate different aspects of life of the people. The dances are mostly group dances specially meant for men. The dance forms include Popir, Pasi Kongki, Ponung, Rekham Pada, Aji Lhamu and Hiri Khaning. There is also the Idu Mishmi ritual dance and a fertility dance performed by the priest or priestess in ceremonies. The fertility dance is performed on the last day of the Rhem festival. The traditional music of Arunachal Pradesh is characterized by beautiful sounds and use of traditional instruments.

Shopping in Arunachal Pradesh

Entertainment in Arunachal Pradesh

The people of Arunachal love to spend much of their time shopping for art and artefacts. Though there are no shopping malls in Arunachal, still there are a number of flea markets and shopping zones in and around the state which boasts of a sale of a variety of traditional items and traditional handicrafts. The people here are skilled in weaving and making a range of traditional items ranging from Sherdukpen shawls, Apatani jackets, Adi skirts, Mishmi shawls, Wancho bags, baskets and masks. There products are made of different materials like local Monpa wood and other materials. People like to buy each others stuffs.

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Wildlife in Arunachal


Situated in the lap of nature Arunachal Pradesh is a land of pristine beauty and a perfect destination for wildlife enthusiasts as there are several naturally well endowed sanctuaries as well as national parks here. These sanctuaries serve as topmost entertainment spots in Arunachal. People love visiting sanctuaries like Namdapha National park, Mouling National Park, Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary, Mehao wildlife sanctuary, Pakhui wildlife sanctuary, Daying Ering wildlife sanctuary and Sessa Orchid Sanctuary

Restaurants & Hotels in Arunachal Pradesh


Hotels and restaurants are also a source of great entertainment and a chance to unwind in a good meal. The hotels and restaurants in Arunachal Pradesh offer traditional cuisines in addition to international cuisines like Chinese and Continental among others. Visiting these hotels gives great entertainment to the people. Some of the major hotels in Arunachal Pradesh are Hotel SC Continental, Hotel Gakyi Khang Zhang, Namdapha Camp, Shipyangpong Hotel, Hill View Hotel , Hotel Kameng, Hotel Itafort, Hotel Kosing, Hotel Blue Pine, Hotel Siang Continental, Hotel Alpine, Hotel Hornbill and Oman Hotel.

Sports in Arunachal Pradesh

Sports kin Arunachal Pradesh

People of Arunachal are adventure lovers. So one can see people here engaged in adventurous sports activities. The state of Arunachal Pradesh provides great opportunities to indulge in a variety of sports like mountaineering, angling, trekking and river rafting etc. Naturally beautiful places like gushing rivers, hills and peaks provide avenues for a variety of adventure sports like golfing, trekking, angling among others. There are also other sports like biking, boating, and archery in addition to traditional games practiced here in Arunachal Pradesh.

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