Health Facilities in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh, the land of pristine beauty, is developed enough to look after the health facilities of the people. Patients from the entire Arunachal Pradesh rush to hospitals in Arunachal in case of medical emergency. There are both government and private hospitals, chambers and clinics in the state to deal with medical emergency in the state.

Health Schemes of Arunachal Pradesh

The government of Arunachal Pradesh has set up certain guidelines for the health and family welfare department. The health and family welfare department of Arunachal Pradesh makes constant effort to formulate schemes to ensure adequate health services to the people and also make improvement in the healthcare of the state particularly in the tribal and backward regions of the state. These schemes of the health department are:

National Health Programme: Under the National Health Programme the government of Arunachal Pradesh works for the following:

  • Revised national tuberculosis control programme
  • National Leprosy elimination programme
  • Iodine deficiency disorder Control Programme
  • National vector borne disease Control Programme
  • National Programme for Control of blindness
  • Integrated disease surveillance programme
  • National mental health programme
  • National programme for prevention and Control of deafness
  • National tobacco Control programme
  • National cancer Control programme
  • National AIDS Control programme

Immunization: Immunization is one of the most cost effective interventions for disease prevention. As per NFHS-3 data full immunization coverage in Arunachal Pradesh was 52%.

Reproductive child health: The government of Arunachal Pradesh has launched RCH-II programme in the state since April 2005 with goals of reducing Infant mortality rate from 87 per birth 1,000 live births to 50 per 1,000 MMR from 367/100000 to 250/100000, total fertility rate from 2,46 to 2.2 and couple protection rate from 46.8% to 65% by 2010.

Navajyoti: Another important health programme.

Hospitals in Arunachal Pradesh

The major hospitals in Arunachal Pradesh are located across the towns of Itanagar, Bomdila, Naharlagun, and Ziro. The major hospitals in Arunachal are:


Ramakrishna Mission Hospital

Ramkrishna Mission Hospital in was started in in 1979 with the aim to provide free medical treatment to the large tribal population in the state. Today, the hospital has 221 beds and 4 operation theatres. It also has an artificial limb fitting centre that has treated 1034 patients so far.

Ramakrishna Mission Hospital
P.O. Ramakrishna Mission
Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh  791113
Phone: 0360-221 2263, 221 8780
Telefax: 0360-221 2761
Email: [email protected],[email protected]

District Hospitals in Arunachal Pradesh

District Hospitals in Arunachal Pradesh

There are hospitals in almost all the districts of Arunachal Pradesh which provide initial care to the people living in that district. The district hospital then further recommends to bigger hospitals for care, if required.

District Hospital Tawang
Tawang District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr.Lobsang TEMPA, (D.S.O),
Phone: 03794-224503,
Mobile: +91-964612700

District Hospital Bomdila
West Kameng District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. L.N. SINGH, (D.S.O),
Phone: 03782-223667,
Mobile: +91-9876027134

District Hospital Seppa

East Kameng District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. K.Gyadi, (D.S.O),
Phone: 03787-223504,
Mobile: +91-9436045842

Kurung Kumey District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. H.Tama, (D.S.O),
Phone: 03788-222222

District Hospital Hapoli

Lower Subansiri District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. S.Habung, (D.S.O),
Phone: 03788-225833,
Mobile: +91-943607337

District Hospital Daporijo
Upper Subansiri District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. (Ms) O.G Bui, (D.S.O),
Phone: 03792-223400,
Mobile: +91-9436054044

District Hospital Aalo
West Siang District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. Emo Basar, SMO (ENT), (D.S.O),
Phone: 03783-222085,
Mobile: +91-9436056217

District Hospital Pasighat

East Siang District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. Tarik Talom, (D.S.O.),
Phone: 0360-2224283,
Mobile: +91-9862174867

District Hospital Yingkiong
Upper Siang District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. India Modi, (D.S.O),
Phone: 03777-222602,
Mobile: +91-9436058068

District Hospital Anini
Dibang Valley District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. Saga Migri, (D.S.O), ANINI,
Phone: 03801-222230,
Mobile: +91-9436090728

District Hospital Roing

Lower Dibang Valley District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. M.CH.Gogoi S.M.O (G), (D.S.O),
Phone: 03803-223923,
Mobile: +91-9436048022

District Hospital Tezu

Lohit District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. L.C. Deori, (D.S.O),
Phone: 03804-222913,
Mobile: +91-9436258332

District Surveillance Unit Hayuliang

Anjaw District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Phone: 03805-266477,
Mobile: +91-9436636548

District Hospital Changlang

Changlang District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. R.C.Das, (D.S.O),
Phone: 03808-223751,
Mobile: +91-9435475708

District Hospital Khonsa
Tirap District,
Arunachal Pradesh
Dr. H.K.Dutta, (D.S.O),
Phone: 03786-223518,
Mobile: +91-9436046054
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