Shopping in Arunachal

Arunachal Pradesh is a paradise for any keen tourist. You can collect any number of artistic souvenirs and handicraft items as a mark of remembrance of your trip to the 'Land of the rising sun'! It is not just about buying things in Arunachal -It is a comprehensive shopping experience which you will remember for a long time to come.

There are 30 tribes and sub tribes in Arunachal Pradesh which make diverse handicraft items and handloom designs which are so evident from their mishmi cotton shawls, shirts and skirts.

Must buy in Arunachal

What to Buy in Arunachal Pradesh

You will get beautiful bamboo and wooden handicrafts, woven carpets, masks, handlooms, ornaments etc. from Arunachal Pradesh. Haggling is allowed but you will be left wanting for more...

Handicraft Items of Arunachal Pradesh

There are State Emporiums which offer wide range of souvenirs and decorative items for you to buy. There are brass items, wood carvings, hats of different shapes, cane belts, bamboo mugs and some items made from fishbone! There is exquisite pottery, silver articles and paintings for to buy here.

Things to buy from Arunachal


You will love to see the bead ornaments and woven grass necklaces which are so unique to Arunachal Pradesh. These are made by Wanhcho women belonging to Tirap district. These women also make cotton and acrylic bags which are lovely. In Tawang, you can visit Old market, Tibetan settlement areas and Government Handicraft Emporiums for buying handicraft items.

Silver ornaments are also popular. These come in exquisite designs. Besides colourful beads, blue feathers of birds and green wings of beetles are also used for decoration. Akas tribe makes bangles using bamboo and also lovely ear ornaments. Ornaments include necklaces, bracelets, armlets and earrings etc. However, tribal people are especially fond of bead ornaments.

Wood and Bamboo Products of Arunachal Pradesh

These are utility products made from bamboo. They include stools or murahs, wooden vessels, bamboo headgear and carry bags. Bamboo furniture is also available which is of superior quality.

Wood carvings and bamboo handicrafts depict the rich cultural heritage of this state. There are wooden male and female figures, child and mother, hunter and many more such artistic designs which you won't be able to resist!

There are special bowls, spoons, utensils, cups, fruit bowls, dishes made of wood. The Khamti, Phom, Monpa, Wanchos, Konyak tribes are really good in the art of wood carving.

Masks Made from Wood

Must buy from Arunachal Pradesh

Masks made of paper mache are a must buy. Masks are used in traditional dances. Sherdukpen, Khampa and Monpa tribes are really good in making masks. There are masks looking like birds, animals, twisted faces and human faces. These masks are made from single block of wood which is made hollow from the inside. Holes are made for nose and eyes but not necessarily present.

Buddhist Souvenirs of Arunachal Pradesh

Do carry back home beautifully coloured Thangkas of Buddhist deities. These can also be seen in monasteries and Lhagangs or family Chapels in the state. You can lay hands on prayer wheel, statues of Buddha, wall hangings, good luck charms.

Hand loom Products

You can buy Apatani jackets, scarves, Adi skirts, Sherdukpen shawls etc. in Arunachal Pradesh. Tawang situated on the Western side of Arunachal Pradesh has Buddhist culture and is inhabited by Monpa tribe. It is close to China and due to cold weather, people make many handicraft items which are sold in markets.

Wool weaving is also an important industry of this state. You can buy shawls, carpets, chadars (wrap skirts like those worn by Monpa women), bags, loin cloth, Wancho bags, blouses, Mishmi shawls, Adi skirts, Sherdukpen shawls, Apatani jackets and tribal dresses. Emporiums are a nice place to buy these but there is no scope for bargaining in the State owned emporiums! However, you get authentic and good quality products here.

Women are mainly engaged in weaving. You will wonder at the excellence with which they choose and use colours!

Carpets Designed in Arunachal Pradesh

Things to buy from Arunachal

Carpets can be seen in various colours, sizes and designs. Designs in carpets comprise of dragon, geometric, floral patterns and designs. These are especially woven by Monpas - the Buddhist community in Arunachal Pradesh.

Chinese Crockery

Chinese crockery can be seen in most of the shops. It is made of porcelain or chini mitti. Crockery comes in diverse designs and colours to decorate your dining table when you return back home. There are mugs, tea sets, plates etc. The artistic craftsmanship will surprise you to the hilt!

Well, your visit to Arunachal Pradesh will leave behind a sweet fragrance behind. Beautiful and artistic souvenirs will always remind you of passion, art and love of the people of this Eastern land of India.

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