Sports in Arunachal Pradesh

Sports play a very important part in peoples lives. Arunachal Pradesh is a mountainous state and due to being a hilly area it is unsuitable for sports played on plain. The state of Arunachal Pradesh has many daunting hills, gorging waterfalls and swift flowing rivers providing scope for a number of adventure sports. People here are also very enthusiastic about traditional sports and games. Let us know more about sports in Arunachal.

Traditional Sports of Arunachal Pradesh

Traditional Sport of Arunachal Pradesh

The people of Arunachal Pradesh are very fond of traditional and indigenous games. One can see people here being engaged in traditional sports activities all year round. Let us find out more about the indigenous games of Arunachal Pradesh:

Hole Taso Dukanaram

Hole Taso Dukanaram is a game which involves the imitation of an animal called Hole Taso. The animal quite like a cat, runs around beating its chest alternately with both its front paws. The animal also has the ability to hold a third leg in the air while scampering around. The game tests a contestant's overall balance, strength and coordination.

Hinam Turnam

The local people call the game a  struggle of life and death. The participants here in the game assume the role of the hunter and the hunted in the forest. Part of the game involves the hunter, having missed the prey due to poor marksmanship, following and catching up with it and seizing it by the third leg.

Porok - Pamin Sinam or Cock - fighting

In this game the contestant has to hold one leg in his hand and the other hand on his shoulder and has one leg to hop on and achieve his objective of pushing his opponent out of the circle. Any of the two players who falls to the ground or loses his hold on his leg or steps out of the circle is disqualified.


Traditional Games in Arunachal

Majong is a traditional game played by four persons with small tiles where the players picks up the tiles and discard them until any one of them has a winning combination.

Adventure Sports in Arunachal Pradesh

The daunting hills, gorging waterfalls and swift flowing rivers in Arunachal provides great scope for a number of adventure sports. Thus trekking, river rafting, archery, fishing and angling are some major adventure sports in Arunachal Pradesh. There are many trekking routes in Arunachal Pradesh that provides a excitement and lifetime experience. Tourists and adventure lovers visit the state to explore the adventure sports and facilities it provides. Some of the different sports in Arunachal Pradesh are:

Trekking in Arunachal


Arunachal Pradesh has many peaks and high hills which provide good trekking opportunities to the people. There are beautiful mountains and high altitude mountain passes like Sela Pass which provide trekking opportunities to the tourists and the local people alike. Arunachal Pradesh has many hotspots of trekking with the snow covered hills and the natural beauty it provides.

There are different trekking expeditions like the Siang Valley Trekking Expedition, Tribal Village Trek and Talley Valley Trekking Expedition which take tourist trekking through beautiful villages and Tsangpo river and along the Indo Tibetan border. Siang Valley Trekking Route is a nice route in Arunachal Pradesh. This trek includes the Tsangpo River and the Adi tribe. Talley Valley Trekking includes Apatani village, which is famous for paddy and fish culture. There are also other routes in Arunachal Pradesh namely Se La Pass, glacier treks, Margherita Rainhead and many more.

Important trekking routes

  • Bomdila- Daimara-via-Ramlingam and Chakku (Distance 100Km) in 6 Days on any time.
  • Bomdila- Seppa (Distance 120Km) in 8 Days on any time.
  • Along- Mechuka (Distance 85Km) in 7 Days on any time.
  • Daporijo- Taksing (Distance 250Km) in 25 Days on September.
  • Pasighat- Tuting (Distance 80Km) in 7 Days on December - January.
  • Pasighat- Mariang (Distance 80Km) in 7 Days on December - January.
  • Daporijo- Along (Distance 50Km) in 4 Days on any time.

Archery in Arunachal


Archery is also a prominent sport of Arunachal Pradesh. It is not only an important sport but people look upon it as a part of their culture. It is also the prime attraction for the people during the Losar festival. Archery is a famous sport from the ancient ages. The people of this state also use it for self protection. Some archery competitions are also held every year in the state. There are three main categories in the competition – team competition, individual competition and fast and slow shooting. The local tribes use bows and arrows for hunting wild boars and various rodents.

River Rafting in Arunachal


The rapid streams and raging speed of the rivers of Arunachal Pradesh help in rafting. There are also some shorter rafting trips available in the state. Kameng, Subansiri, Siang and Dibang are one of them. River Rafting is an important adventure sport of the people of Arunachal Pradesh. With the swift flowing rivers through deep gorges in the hills of Arunachal Pradesh, tourists and adventure seekers get a chance to go river rafting in the waters of these rivers. There are a number of tourists and adventure lovers who come to Arunachal Pradesh to go river rafting due to the beautiful swift rivers providing excellent rafting ambiance. River Rafting along Kameng (Seppa- Bhalukpung), Subansiri (Taliha- North of Daporijo), Siang (entire course), and Dibang (Anini- Assam Border) are some of the trips that one can try.

Mountaineering in Arunachal


The mountains of Arunachal Pradesh provide an excellent and endless scope for mountaineering and climbing. Kangto (7090 m), Nyegi Kangsang (7050 m), Gorichen (6488 m), Chomo (6000 m) are some famous grandeur and snowy mountaineering destinations in the state.

Camping in Arunachal


Due to hilly region Arunachal has a number of peaks. It helps to indulge in the popular adventure sport of camping. The Lama Camp and the Doimara are the top camps located in the remote areas of the state. They serve a base camp for various trekking destinations.

Fishing and Angling


Arunachal Pradesh is rich in bio-diversity. The river of Arunachal accounts a large number aqua. Bodak, Pasighat, Yingkiong, Bhalukpong and Siom are some best fishing points in Arunachal Pradesh. To provide ample opportunities some angling festivals are also organized in the state.

Football in Arunachal


The Arunachal Pradesh Football Association is the governing body of football activities in Arunachal Pradesh. Football is gradually gaining popularity in Arunachal Pradesh


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Stadiums in Arunachal

In Arunachal Pradesh Rajiv Gandhi Stadium is located in Naharlagun and another sports ground is located in Itanagar.
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