Transportation in Arunachal Pradesh

The northeastern state of Arunachal Pradesh is basically a hilly state. Transport in Arunachal Pradesh is mainly dependent on its road network. Airways and roadways are yet to be functional. Nevertheless Arunachal Pradesh is connected to the rest of the country by its transport networks. Let's find out more about the transportation services in Arunachal Pradesh.

Road Network in Arunachal

Arunachal Pradesh is mainly dependent on roadways for transportation. Buses are the primary modes of communication in Arunachal Pradesh. There are also cabs and taxi facilities for better communication.

State Highways in Arunachal

The Trans-Arunachal Highway is a planned mega two-lane highway project in Arunachal Pradesh. The highway extends from Tawang to Kanubari covering 1,559 km. It is a trunk route of about 1811 km in length. The highway is expected to develop to 2-lane N NH standards to link Tawang in north-western tip of Arunachal Pradesh to Kanubari in south-eastern end of the State and finally ending on NH-52 near Akajan on the right side of Bogibeel bridge near Dibrugarh in Assam.

National Highways in Arunachal

National Highways in Arunachal Pradesh

National highways in Arunachal Pradesh connect the state with the rest of the country. Some of the national highways in Arunachal Pradesh are:

NH 153
National Highway 153 starts from Ledo in Assam and ends at Arunachal Pradesh. The highway is 60 km long.

NH 229
National Highway 229 is located entirely within the state of Arunachal Pradesh. Originating at Tawang in the western corner of the state, the highway runs mostly eastwards for 1090 km and terminates at NH 52 in Pasighat.

NH 415
National Highway 415 starts from Banderdewa in Arunachal Pradesh and ends at Gohpur in Assam. The highway is 59 km long, of which 15 km is in Assam and 42 km in Arunachal Pradesh.

NH 515
National Highway 515 starts at the intersection of NH 15 north of Dhemaji and generally traverses east and northeast. It runs for a distance of 111 km initially through Assam and the rest in Arunachal Pradesh.

NH 52
National Highway starts at the intersection of NH 31 north of Guwahati and generally traverses east and northeast. The highway runs for a distance of 850 km, of which 540 km is in Assam and the rest in Arunachal Pradesh.

NH 52A
National Highway 52A starts from Banderdewa in Arunachal Pradesh and ends at Gohpur in Assam. It is 57 km long, of which 15 km is in Assam and 42 km in Arunachal Pradesh.

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State Transport Services in Arunachal Pradesh


The Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Services (APSTS) is an essential service provided by the government of Arunachal Pradesh whose prime motto is to provide adequate, reliable and economical bus services to the people of the state.

The Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Department runs daily bus services, including deluxe night services from Itanagar to most district headquarters including Guwahati, Tezpur and Shillong. Private bus services to different places are also available.

Important Contact Numbers

C.P Namchoom, Minister of State Transport
Phone: 0360 2212958

M.K Gupta, Secretary (Transport), Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh
Phone: 0360 2212582

T.Taggu, General Manager
Phone: 0360 2244355

B. Bhattacharjee, Addl.General Manager
Phone: 0360 2244230, 2211130

D.Dirchi, Asstt. General Manager(HQ)
Phone: 0360 2248168, 2248711

B. Hinda, Asstt. General Manager (Vig)
Phone: 0360 2244844, 2212752

Phone: 03602244023, 2245025

P.N Khrime, Assistant Engineer(A)
Phone: 03602266249, 2243093

T.Nyori Administrative Officer
Phone: 03602243140, 2245314

Station Superintendent
S. Roychoudhuri, Pasighat
Phone: 0368 2222010, 2222059

P. Loyi, Along
Phone: 03783222475, 222792

T. Ruttum, Miao
Phone: 03807 222264, 222263

T. Gongo, Ziro
Phone: 03788 255231, 224544

Tana Taki, Bomdila]
Phone: 03782 222018, 222125

T. Nima, Khonsa
Phone: 03786222366, 222294

P.K. Khataniar, Tezu
Phone: 03804 222314, 222791

R.K. Keche, Roing
Phone: 03803 222471, 222225

N. Wangsa, Seppa
Phone: 03787222419, 222224

L.N Tamuli, Namsai
Phone: 03806 262269, 262291

M.K.T. Rajan, Itanagar
Phone: 0360 2212338, 2214301

Kabita Ering, Daporijo
Phone: 03792 223107, 223121

Rail Transport in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is yet to be connected with the rest of the country by the rail. The nearest railway Transport Services in Arunachal Pradeshstation is Harmutty in Assam, 23 km from Naharlagun and 33 km from Itanagar. Another nearest railhead is North Lakhimpur in Assam, 50 km from Naharlagun and 60 km from Itanagar.

However, on April 7, 2014 good news was awaiting the people of Arunachal. Almost after 27 years of statehood, Arunachal Pradesh has finally received its place on the Indian rail map. Though on a small scale, but the first step has been taken by opening of the railway station in Naharlagun in Papum Pare, 15kms from Itanagar. On the very same day, the first train chugged out from Naharlagun to Dekargaon. This will give the tourism sector a big boost.

Air Transport in Arunachal Pradesh

Transport in ArunachalArunachal Pradesh does not have its own airport. The nearest airport to Arunachal is Lilabari airport in Assam at a distance of 67 Km from Itanagar. Naharlagun in Arunachal is connected by daily Pawan Hans helicopeter service from Guwahati. A 9-seater Dauphin flight operates daily services from Naharlagun to Guwahati except on Sunday and 26 seater Mi-172 operates everyday except Sunday. Besides Tawang and Anini is also connected by helicopter services from Guwahati on Tuesday, Thursday and Wednesday. Other places in Arunachal connected by air services are Pasighat, Khonsa, Tezu, Roing, Ziro, changlang, Daporijo, Namsai and Along.

Important contact numbers

Asstt. Director of Civil Aviation
Location: Naharlagun Base office
Phone: 2245261, 2243262 (Ticket counter)

Deputy Resident Commissioner
Location: Guwahati
Phone: 2412859(0)

Deputy Director of Supply & Transport
Location: Mohanbari
Phone: 2382877 Airport Counter

District Supply Officer,
Location: Pasighat
Phone: 2222213(0), 2222088 (Airfield)

District Supply Officer,AP
Location: Along
Phone: 222587 (Airfield)

District Supply Officer,
Location: Yingkiong
Phone: 222277

District Supply Officer
Location: Ziro
Phone: 224214, 255203 (Airfield)

District Supply Officer
Location: Daporijo
Phone: 23244

District supply Officer
Location: Roing
Phone: 222223, 223063(Airfieid)

Deputy Commissioner
Location: Anini
Phone: 222222

District Supply Officer
Location: Tezu
Phone: 222477

Addl. Deputy Commissioner
Location: Namsai
Phone: 262228

District Supply Officer
Location: Changlang
Phone: 222555

District Supply Officer
Location: Khonsa
Phone: 222374

Extra Assistant Commissioner
Location: Bhalukpong
Phone: 234423

Extra Assistant Commissioner
Location: Lumla
Phone: 264213

Distance Chart of Arunachal Pradesh

The following shows the distance of some of the important cities of Arunachal Pradesh to major cities across India:

Distance from Itanagar to Major Cities & Towns

Kolkata: 1360 kms
Bangalore: 3112 kms
Chennai: 2910 kms
Delhi: 2190 kms
Guwahati: 325 kms
Mumbai: 2881kms
Tawang: 402 kms
Bomdila: 235 kms
Ziro: 112 kms

Distance from Ziro to Major Cities & Towns

Kolkata: 1387 kms
Guwahati: 454 kms
Tawang: 532 kms
Bomdila : 365 kms
Itanagar : 112 kms
Naharlagun: 100 kms

Distance from Tawang to Major Cities & Towns

Kolkata: 1365 kms
Delhi: 2297 kms
Guwahati : 432 kms
Bomdila: 167 kms
Naharlagun: 434 kms
Ziro: 532 kms
Itanagar : 402 kms

Distance from Bomdila to Major Cities & Towns

Kolkata: 1261 kms
Guwahati: 265 kms
Mumbai: 2821 kms
Itanagar: 241 kms
Tawang : 171 kms
Ziro: 344 kms

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